Friday, May 1, 2015

Race Recap - Tunnel Vision

Geoff Robson photo

Last Thursday, the summer alleycat season started off in fine form. 
31 racers converged at the spot on Harbour Road, to register, shit-talk and speculate about what kind of ridiculous race route Parker & Clay had schemed up.

Geoff Robson photo

Geoff Robson photo

Geoff Robson photo

As the years progress, the diversity of riders at these late-night urban races continues to impress. A smattering of brakeless track bikes, some carbon road and cross rigs, basket bikes, and the gamut of attire from spandex to jean shorts. With a span of ages from mid teens to early retirement, our crazy demographic, and mix of old alleycat vets and fresh blood continues to be a point of pride. 

STRAVA files found HERE

30km of Goose rippin', highway smashing and back road navigating spun racers across Esquimalt, Saanich, and Royal Oak, before spitting them out of the classic Macauley Point tunnel and across our finish line. 

Tunnels were the name of the routing game. Underpasses, culverts and hidden gems. Dark spaces and mysterious, damp, places.

Geoff Robson photo

With an insurmountable 5min. lead, Terry McKall took top honours, followed by a close battle for podium spots. On a brakeless track bike, Fabian managed 2nd, dropping alleycat enigma, and Quebec-transplant J.C. into 4th position. Lief scooped third place and the corresponding bottle of malt liquor. 

1st place lady was won by Erin Attwell, who got herself (And promptly shared!) a prize box of donuts. Rounding out the women's field was a killer group of three: Sylvia, Jay & Jess. 

Lots of U19 riders, with BSC's fast-growing grom, Aidan Sullivan topping the list in 9th overall. 

Mastermind Clay Webb w/ prizing.

Finish line vibes

Heavy podium steeze. Terry is getting comfy on that top spot...


Thanks to the excellent checkpointer's and to BB for the bottle of Sierra Nevada awarded to 1st fixed gear rider. 

And big cred to the always PRO Geoff Robson for his stunning tunnel snaps. 


Geoff Robson photo

Geoff Robson photo

Geoff Robson photo

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