Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Tunnel Vision Alleycat - 23/04/15

See you down at Harbour Road this THURSDAY 

Step into the dark for race details...

The Tunnel Vision race will be in the 20-25km range, depending on how clean you route yourself. 

All bikes are welcome, and encouraged. Break out that fixed gear, single speed or city cruiser.

There will be a few twists at some of the checkpoints. Be prepared to ride hard, get lost, and submit to the chaos. 

A bag or carrying contraption (Panniers? Rack?) is required for one of more of the checkpoint tasks. 

Clay Webb, race mastermind and veteran alleycat'r, has put together a slew of checkpoints that should test your knowledge of Victoria's hidden spots. Be prepared for some dark corners, back alleys and hidden pathways. 

THURSDAY 23/04/15
- Start @ Harbour Road
- $5
- Bag & lights

* All riders, bikes welcome!*

There will be some swag on offer. Come thirsty...

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