Saturday, January 27, 2018

Bikepacking Virgin Falls Video

Two years ago the Stuckylife crew packed up and headed out for a winter trip to Virgin Falls, unseasonably good weather, exceptional views, sketchy cabins and waterfalls ensued. Now from the vaults of Rob Parkin comes a rad little video recap of the journey!
Find some trip beta...
and here:

Friday, December 8, 2017

Semiprestige Cyclocross Race - Dec 17th 2017

This December 17th in collaboration with Broad Street Cycles, Stuckylife is proud to announce the fifth annual Stuckylife Semiprestige. Heading back to the year's best venue: Mary’s Farm & Sanctuary on Finlayson Arm Road.


A & B race
$15 entry

All abilities, bikes and ages welcome. Spectating encouraged!
The course is on an amazing venue, kindly offered up by Mary of Mary’s Farm & Sanctuary. It will be a Vancouver Island variation of a classic CX course: twisty, flowy, grassy and off-cambered. The farm is a tubular-friendly field, and set in a large rolling pasture. It should provide a fantastic mix of challenging features, and lung-searing laps. Think maximum flow, crazy Belgian off-camber lines, and natural grass bowls.

Parking: Riding out to the race is encouraged, though limited parking is available at the Farm & Sanctuary. Likely room for 15-20 cars MAX. However, parking is available in Goldstream Park, 1.5km away from the venue!

The Broad St. crew will be leading a group ride from their shop up to the race. Rolling out at 9:30am from the shop (1419 Broad St).

Bring a backpack with warm clothes and drinks. We will have a few tents set up, possibly some warming beverages on tap, and are planning on making a day of it. Lights for the ride home are a good idea.
Curious about what went down in years past? Check out race reports HERE and HERE
Free entry if you take a ferry to get here!

- Schedule -

9:30am- Group ride from Broad St Cycles to the race course.
11am- Course open for pre-riding
11:45am- B race (35+min)
12:20- Course open for pre-riding
1:00- A race (45+min)
2:15- Podium! Champagne! Revelry!

Big thanks to 
Broad Street Cycles for helping us get this crazy event off the ground.
Providing a landing pad for all things Stuckylife & cycling counter culture, these guys are not jerks, and can sell you a really nice set of tires for your CX race rig.

Friday, July 28, 2017

Bike to Hike: Suffering on San Juan Ridge

This story begins with an email circulated entitled "Type 3 Fun". This email highlighted a trip idea that would be hard, very hard, possibly the hardest. The gist of it was to ride approximately 100km including relentlessly steep logging road, then strap the bikes to our backs and hike in sub alpine terrain. Camp. Hike some more. Eventually hit logging road again, reassemble the bikes, some rapid elevation loss on gravel and ride the 100km home. The response was overwhelming silence. After checking that the internet wasn't broken I came to the realization I may have to tackle this one alone...  Now maybe it was coercion, maybe it was they didn't have time to really dig into the elevation profiles but fortunately for me I was able to convince Blake and Max to join me relatively last minute and off we went. 

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Bikepacking the OAT

With Canada's 150 loaming and hoards of "patriots" descending on Victoria, the countries sesquicentennial seemed like the perfect weekend to load up the bikes and skip town. Luckily just across the water, in the land of the Budweiser king can, lies 26 miles of flowy, buff singletrack just waiting to be shredded.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Island Hopping: A Canoe Powered Mountain Bike Adventure

The original plan was a bikepacking trip with an alpine summit in the middle. When the weather looked grim, plans changed and what started as an alternate plan ended in one hell of a great trip. 

Sunday, February 5, 2017

The Watershed Death March

There are big rides that you can do in this part of the world. 
There are massive days on the bike, with bonks, possible slogging. Cold feet, numb hands. Vast tracts of trail to get lost in, and countless back roads to connect. But this 'ride' was one that justifiably made its way into the annals of Victoria Cycling.