Nick Kupiak Photo

Snow-capped summits. Blazing sun and thin air. Deadly translucent seracs, and opaque crevasses. The very top of the world. 
While summiting Everest has become more accessible over the last 25 years, the deep mystique of the place remains. Despite a proliferation of well-worn routes, and climbing detritus left over from the dozens of summiting attempts each spring, any crack at climbing the world's tallest peak demands a massive amount of respect. This peak, perched above all others, demands reverence. An ascent to the final crest of the 8,848 meter mountain takes months of careful preparation. 

The concept of elevation gain is of course central to any epic bike ride. Ride uphill, work hard for the summit, and search for transcendence in the descent. While extreme terrain on the approach to Everest pre-empts riding, the math remains. Cycle up enough, and you could achieve a similar level of magnitude.