Monday, March 13, 2017

Island Hopping: A Canoe Powered Mountain Bike Adventure

The original plan was a bikepacking trip with an alpine summit in the middle. When the weather looked grim, plans changed and what started as an alternate plan ended in one hell of a great trip. 

Sunday, February 5, 2017

The Watershed Death March

There are big rides that you can do in this part of the world. 
There are massive days on the bike, with bonks, possible slogging. Cold feet, numb hands. Vast tracts of trail to get lost in, and countless back roads to connect. But this 'ride' was one that justifiably made its way into the annals of Victoria Cycling. 

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Blubber Burn Classic 8 - a race report.

The horses await the carnage

Spectating in style
The eighth Blubber Burn Classic took place on January 15th. The race was well attended by people of commendable panache but questionable judgment. 
This race is one of the oldest races on the Stuckylife calendar and is without doubt the most technical cross race on the Island. The Blubber Burn takes place on the trails of the "The Dump," a mountain biking park located in the Mount Work area in Victoria. This has been the location for the ill advised race since it's humble beginnings in 2010.
This year, as luck would have it, we enjoyed a window of favorable weather which brought out a good selection of people itching to burn some blubber. In fact it was one of the best attended 'burns in it's history with about 50 racers and a smattering of excellent spectators.

Laila Pringle-Dyck. ©Caleb Bayers
Long Doggos Bison and Bear ©Caleb Bayers
Last minute mods by Meat. ©Caleb Bayers
The race was highly contested this year with Parker Bloom battling the veteran and technical virtuoso Drew McKenzie. Their duel lasted the whole race, culminating in a flat out sprint for the finish "line" which at that time was occupied by oblivious half drunk spectators and various distracted racers with mechanicals. Drew edged out Parker and took the win. Hot on their heels was a charging Cody Canning and in fourth with a stellar performance for Team Great Britain was Blake Crouch. The race directör rounded out the American podium.
On the ladies side the race was handily won by Silvia Storey (on a singlespeed no less), with Joanna Fox in second and Andrea Akelaitis in third. It's worth mentioning that this was Andrea's first CX race, which will undoubtedly make the next one feel easy in comparison.

The Top finisher in the U19 Category was won by the 13 year old Nick Voss but 47 years separated the oldest and the youngest competitor this year.

©Caleb Bayers It'll buff out.
©Caleb Bayers

Race directing is serious business. ©Caleb Bayers
Riley and Owen fought hard for best dressed but the Pope edged out the Banana. ©Caleb Bayers
Special mention must be made of the young ripper Ella Smith who was our youngest racer at 10 years old and will be a force to reckon with before long. 
Also a huge shout out to all that came over from the mainland and up Island for the Race. We had People from Port Alberni, Squamish, and a good crew from Vancouver. Thanks!

Thanks to Caleb and Terry for documenting the silliness.

Also check out the highly entertaining Instagram hashtags below. Time well wasted.
 #blubberburn #blubberburnclassic #blubberburn2017

©Terry McKall
Joe before the old Cove gave up the ghost ©Terry McKall

©Terry McKall

©Terry McKall

Flat city. ©Terry McKall

©Terry McKall
Drew and Parker battle. ©Terry McKall
©Terry McKall
©Terry McKall
©Terry McKall
©Terry McKall
©Terry McKall
©Terry McKall
©Terry McKall
©Terry McKall
©Terry McKall

Saturday, December 31, 2016

Mediocre Mileage - Packham & Tall Sam meander down the Great Divide

Andrew Packham—sometime bike courier, race promotor, stalwart Stuckylifer and cranky dissident—probably had a cooler 2016 than you did. 

As our 'year to be forgotten' draws to a close, we're looking back to warmer temps, gas station snack stops, and ambitious bike trips. The following are some words from Andrew on his and Tall Sam's meander down the spine of our continent, complete with acerbic commentary and some very hip film photographs snapped from the saddle. 

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Guest Post: Three Sisters Three Rivers

Stuckylife affiliate Rory O'Connell doesn't mess around when it comes to getting rad shit done and perpetually making everyone jealous. This summer was no different. Rory went "along for the ride" on the newly created 3 Sisters 3 Rivers bikepacking route. While he's not crushing on the saddle he's also a master behind the lense so some stellar imagery accompanies his epic trip report after the jump...