Tuesday, May 12, 2015

the HENLEYCAT - Alleycat Saturday May 16th

Join us this SATURDAY at 7pm for a 20km, fast & fun alleycat
- $5 entry
- Starts at Vic High running track (Fernwood Beach)

Like a finely aged boxed wine, Colin Nelson Henley has long been adding some buzz to our headrush of a cycling scene in Victoria. 

A multi-decade bike courier, Stuckylife contributor, and stalwart alleycat instigator, Colin is turning another calender year older this Saturday. In his honour, Clay Webb & Parker Bloom have crafted an artisanal alleycat, replete with classic city rips, clever checkpoints and some very chill vibes.

Expect a 1hr race, with a mix of dense urban stuff, one or two further Goose burns, and contributions from some standout local businesses. 

Want to know which wheels Henley rolls on? Head over to his bike check here.

Geoff Robson Photo
Geoff Robson Photo

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