Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Blubber Burn Classic OOO5

 Laatste Ronde! 
The last race of the Stuckylife Semiprestige Cyclocross Winter Series is on Jan 26th. This time around it's the annual fat burning sensation of the Blubber Burn Classic. This little race is having it's fifth birthday this year and we're proud of it's unending dumbness and hilarity.

The Blubber Burn is a cyclocross race that takes place at the Hartland MTB park just outside of Victoria. Given it's location, it is on the techier side. Some would say it's stupidly techy, others would say "hold my beer." Expect fast fireroad sections mixed with fast singletrack, slooow singletrack and some sketchy rocky sections. It's all very rideable, the trick is to ride it fast.

 The Basics:
  • Meet at the inventive trail in the Hartland Mountain Bike Park (Map). There is a trail map in the parking lot at the park entrance and we'll mark the way from there as well.
  • $5 to register (please try to bring a crisp $5 bill or correct change). Registration and pre ride opens at 12noon, race at 1pm. Preride is mandatory.
  • This is a cross race, so bring your cross bike. If we know you have a cross bike but you show up on a MTB, you open yourself up to an incredible amount of heckling. 
  • MTB's will be held back at the start and limited to a single gear. We will have staff on hand to help with setting up your mtb for SS use; better yet, just bring a CX bike dummy! 
Interesting clothing choices. Flats. Beer handups. Le Mans start. Merciless heckling. Drunken spectating. Fireworks. Good times.

Not too sure what you're getting yourself into? Look through Parker's race report from last year's Blubber Burn IV as well as Blubber Burn III & Blubber Burn II

Hope to see you out there!

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