Monday, January 30, 2012

Race report - Blubber Burn

Racers at the start puddle
The Third annual Blubber Burn Classic took place yesterday at the Dump. The race went well and there was minimal carnage, given the conditions. The race course was wet and muddy which made the course tougher than normal.
I think there were only three flats (well done racers!). Cam got his over with before the race, Tom rolled into the finish on a soft rear and Jamie Emery concluded his race with a flat after a couple of good laps on the singlespeed. As far as carnage goes, Mitch mysteriously blew up his rear brake at some point during the race but managed to finish which is a feat in itself (the blubber burn course on a single front cantilever is not for the faint of heart). There were some reports of good crashes with corresponding bent levers etc, but to my knowledge everyone walked away more or less unscathed from the race.


Tom (CX) In the blistering time of 29.06 (according to his Garmin) for the four laps
Russell (MTB)
John (MTB)



Dawn (8th overall on a MTB)
Karen (MTB)

My apologies to Russel for setting his bike up singlespeed in a gear lower than he wanted. It was a pleasure to see you spin like crazy but I feel bad about that one. On the other hand, you should have brought your cross bike!
It was a wet day out
Cam got his flat over with before the race (check out Leif's Klein!)
Le Mans Scramble
Tom Skinner took the win and defended his title as King Blubber
who the hell is this guy?

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