Wednesday, March 9, 2011

(More about) The Signs of Lekwungen

Hal not impressed with Parker's 27min winning time.
A couple of weeks ago, Mical and I decided to help out C-Dub and Brandon with the first alleycat of the year. Our checkpoint is usually the best: at The Chainline Massacre, we awarded a time bonus to racers who applied a "FIXIES ARE LAME" sticker to their frame (surprisingly, a lot of folks still have it on there bikes). Sadly, the cold weather meant that a lot of the letters didn't stick; you may see " IXIES ARE  AME" a lot around town. At this event, we hosted the beer-chug-for-a-spoke-card checkpoint.\

Responsible drinkers.

We saw a great turn out of around 40 riders (of which 35 showed of which showed up all-at-once). A great time was had by all!

Big thanks to Jeff@CapitalCityCycles, and Clayton and Brandon for starting the year out right! Thanks also to the Volunteers for freezing yer asses off out there.

A great start to the (ahem) "summer" series.

More pics here: reganpringleshoots