Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Harbour Road Sprints vol.1 Results

Colin vs. Derek in the first heat...in the cold.
The Sprints
Friday night.  Head-to-head. Single-elimination.

The Course:

Harbour Road. 1/4mile (+/- 100 meters).
Cold as shit. Wet as fuck.
The Results:

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(updated overall standings will be posted soon).
This is the way it works: you get 1 point for each heat you compete in. First place overall receives an additional 3 points; second place receives an additional 2 points; third place receives an additional 1 point.

The Photos:
Halldor and Gillian bask in Derek's confusion.
Gillian vs. Andrew vs. Parker in the final.
Chris and Samuel.

Japhy vs. Chaii
The crew.
Tegan, Jay and Angus.
Jeff vs. Chris.
Jeff, Gillian and Halldor.
More carousing in the pit.
Jamie vs. Andrew F
Parker vs. Paul
Clay vs. Gillian
Jeff and Gillian

Parker and Colin.

Sean's small part in the event.
The photos from Derek:

Gear-inches vs. wheel size.

Halldor and Colin.


Gillian, Cam (and Milenkovitch).
Parker finishing strong as always.