Friday, February 14, 2014

Race Recap: The Great Escape Alleycat

Conclusion: we're faster at racing bikes than putting up blog posts.

The 2014 alleycat season start with the crisp crack of tall cans being opened, and an old-school charity race through Victoria's downtown.

Cause de jour: Dave Kennedy & Emily Donner's immigration legal morass.

On Friday, Jan 31st, 36 racers lined up for a chaotic Le Mans style start through the ruins at Macaulay Point Park. The goal was Harbour Road, after first completing six checkpoints, each with a challenge surpassing the last.

Tunnel your way through the page break for photos, details, and top-secret maps!

Pre-game at our host shop, Broad Street Cycles // Race briefing: serious stuff for some...

The diversity of our scene continues to impress.

20 fixed gear riders
2 single speeds
11 geared racers
3 CX racers

The infamous manifest. Cue confusion.
Clay and Halldor thrashed through the course in just over 40 minutes. In hot pursuit, and only shaken off of their wheel due to some clever team tactics in the finale of the race, came Sam Willis, then Blake Crouch.

I'm enthusiastic to say that the top 5 spots were won on track bikes, 4 of them brakeless. Real has been retained.

Mid-race nutritional detour // The finish line

The Numberonephotog knows how to prepare // SHHHHRED!
Stuckylife was stoked to leverage the $5 entry for this race into screening fees for the Murder of Couriers screening a week later, truly maximizing the charitable inclination of our scene of cyclists.

Generous donations abounded, with many racers contributing more than just the $5 entry fee.

Check out Clay's STRAVA data from the ride.

We'd like to extend the usual thanks to our team of crack checkpoint volunteers.

As well, a few local businesses are instrumental in giving these races support in the way of products, prizing, and "nutrition". Big ups to both Broad Street Cycles, and the fine people at Brickyard Pizza. Support those who support us!

n.b. Images used in this post shamelessly lifted from the 'gram. Thanks, all!

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