Sunday, April 7, 2013

Return of the Harbour Road Sprints - Recap

At 7pm on Friday, March 29, The Sprints returned to Harbour Road under a warm and dry evening sky (unlike previous years). 

As always, there was a diverse cross-section of the cycling population in attendance, including an eclectic mix of some of Canada's finest athletes.

Of the forty-or-so roadies, 'crossers, Badgers and other miscreants gathered, Gillian managed to hustle eighteen starters: twelve fixed-gear and six freewheels. We even welcomed a few new faces to the group; I certainly hope to see more in the coming months.

Many familiar faces! (Photo: Geoff Robson)

After an hour of sprinting, Tom Skinner took first place overall and earned himself a big-ol' delicious pie from Brickyard Pizza 

Samuel Willis won the fixed-gear category (second place overall) and took home a super-limited edition Specialized Lululemon team cycling cap courtesy of Gillian Carleton.

Right behind Sam was Jacob Morneau, who would have won a six-pack of beer if he was a few years older, but managed to take home a gift card from Brickyard Pizza instead. This kid is already getting too fast on a bike for his own good. Might be time to ship him off to the velodrome...

Huge thanks to Parker for running traffic control, Gillian for registration & score-keeping, and Malcolm and David for "holding."

Also, big ups to our perennial sponsor, Brickyard Pizza, for keeping us warm, fed and well-liquored!

Without further adieu, feast your eyes on these great shots from Geoff Robson and Leif Keithley:

Photos by Geoff Robson

Kevin, Clay & Malcolm

Kevin vs. Clay

Kevin. Coastin'.



Photos by Leif Keithley:

Malcolm schemes while Clay protests the results of  doping control.

Clay vs. Kevin

Kevin returning from a fierce battle with a-rack.

Clay engaging the freewheel

Derek Kidd: 25 x 10 + LSD

Alex Hui. Shiny.

Pythagorean Swag.

Vincent Pungente

Regan and Laila

Jamie and Kevin make anything look good.

New guy takin' on Tom Skinner

Clay vs. Cam as David gets in there.

Gillian Carleton: always on track.

Cam Smith kills it on 20's and 700's.
Young blood. Too fast.

Tell me that Cam (right) doesn't look like a shark.

Sam 'n' Cam

This forearm looks suspiciously like my legs.
This chick looks suspiciously like Jenny.
Clark Kent /  Tom Skinner 
David Kennedy

Bill always represents.
Sam Willis. Capped.
Geoff "Freight Train" Robson
Cole Carnes was born ready...
Vince wasn't.

Thanks again to everyone who came out! See you out there again soon!

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