Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Bridge Battle Race Recap

A huge turnout of 33 racers showed up to Beacon Hill park this past Sunday for Victoria's rendition of the long-running Bridge Battle alleycat.

With the usual diverse crowd present, and lots of new faces in the crowd, detailed instructions were given and manifests handed out. A chaotic Le Mans start sent Bridge Battlers hurtling into Victoria's streets on the hunt for checkpoints.

More linear in routing than typical alleycats, the Bridge Battle required seven checkpoints be found along Victoria's waterways.
All were on, or under bridges, and manned by volunteers waiting with either a deck of cards, shot of whiskey, or words of encouragement.

Regan Pringle Photo

Racers were to collect all four suits of cards (Aces, clubs, hearts & diamonds.), a spoke card and a 'wildcard' before finding the Six Mile Skate Spot to finish.

Geoff Robson Photo

Absolutely ripping it up, Halldor took an early lead and crushed out the roughly 30km race in just under an hour.
Finishing three minutes back, and just ahead of international cyclocross star, Craig Richey, was Clay Webb.

And in fourth place,  80kms deep before the Bridge Battle start, was Vancouver's James Weeks.
Huge props must be given to James for riding to, and catching, the early ferry over, racing, slamming a noodle box and beer, and making the seven o'clock sailing back to Van.

In one of the cooler developments of the day, a large contingent of ladies, led by Tammy on her excellent Ritchey, rode a steady race and placed 5th through 8th.

Rounding out the top ten was Matt and Andy Achuff. 

The Bridge Battle claimed more DNFs than any recent alleycat, though all made it to the Six Mile for a well deserved drink and some good social bonding.


1- Halldor Gunnarsson     (Fixed)     00:59:00
2- Clay Webb     (Fixed)     0:03:00
3- Craig Richey     (Free)     s.t.
4- James Weeks     (Free)     0:10:00
5- Tammy     0:20:00
6- Denise     s.t.
7- Minda     s.t.
8- Jennie     s.t.
9- Matt     s.t.
10- Andy Achuff     0:25:00
11- Landon
12- Leif Keithley
13- Jeff Drew
14- Eric
15- Kelsey
16- Brian Jarvis
17- Jacob
18- etc...

Regan Pringle Photo
The usual emphatic thanks to all involved. Thanks to the checkpointers for sitting in then sun & pouring shots. Thanks to the race sponsors, racers, and the Six Mile skate crew for putting up with our revelry.

Lasty, thanks to Regan and Geoff for the great photos.

Geoff Robson Photo

Regan Pringle Photo

Geoff Robson Photo


Geoff Robson Photo

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