Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Bridge Battle Alleycat

Sunday March 3rd
12noon at Beacon Hill flagpole
Five dollar entry fee
Fixed, Free, & Ladies' categories
Good times guaranteed

The first alleycat of the summer season. Expect a fast & fluid race through Victoria's mean streets.

Approximately 25-30km in length, the Bridge Battle will be a classic
checkpoint-to-checkpoint race that tests your legs and local knowledge.

All bikes and riders welcome. Out-of-town racers will find the route relatively easy to navigate.

Note: a bag and lock are not required. A writing/ recording tool (pen, smartphone) is recommended.

Let's show Vancouver how we get down.

Questions? parker@stuckylife.com


  1. Depends how fast you can spin...

    26"+ wheels will be more fun, but you're asking a guy who rode his brakeless track bike home from Nanaimo last weekend. I shouldn't be giving advice about the right bike for the application.


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