Thursday, January 24, 2013

Blubber Burrrrn!

 I was just reminded that some people don't have facebook. I respect those people in the same way I respect people who don't have phones. I like that you can make it work for you, but don't come crying to me when...where am I going with this?...

Click through and find out.

  The Blubber Burn Classic CX Is upon us once again. 

What is this Blubber burn thingy?
Well, here are the basics:
Its an annual cyclocross race which will take place on Sunday, January 27th at the Mount Work/Hartland mtb park (the Dump).
You can race a mountain bike if you don't have a cross bike, but it will have to be set up as a single speed. We can help with that at the start line (but don't show up on your mountain bike if we know you have a cross bike, unless you're willing to take a lot of flak). Mountain bikes will also be held back at the start.
The course is a mix of fireroad and singletrack, and is on the technical side of cross racing.
$5 entry fee.
Show up at 11 to register (at the start of Inventive, there is a trail map in the parking lot).
Race will start at 12 and should take about an hour.
Prizes will be in liquid form.
There may be handups.
Run what you brung. We've seen anything from vintage rigid Kleins to full on DH bikes to custom built Singlespeed cross bikes. The weirder the better. Same applies to attire. Also, bring your running legs and high psi is your friend.
Kick ass.
Have fun.
Hang with good people.

Afterparty at the Brickyard 2pm onwards.

That's basically it. We hope to see you out there.
Any questions? call Halldor at Broad Street Cycles 250 385 1739

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