Monday, January 14, 2013

2013 Stuckylife Club Kit Order UPDATED

2013 Stuckylife Club Kit: Hot. Dark. Ready.

We've pushed the kit order deadline back from Jan 31st to February 20th. An extra pay period should help us all get our orders in!

It is kit time. Click through for the scoop on how to get your hands on the first new kit in 2 years. Manufactured in Massachusetts by the fine people at VOMax, it will only be available between now and January 31st February 20th, 11:45pm. Don't miss out!

High rez image here:

I missed out on the last run. How do I get in on it this time?

Online cart (on the internet).


Pass: Stuckylife2013

How do I pay?

Online payment via PayPal, credit cards.

When do I gotta pay by?

January 31, 2013
February 20th, 11:45pm.

How long is it gonna take?

5 weeks

Where do I pick up my order?

The order will be shipped all at once to Broad Street Cycles. We'll let you know when it lands so you can come down and pick your order up.

Where can I try a kit on for size?

Broad Street Cycles currently has small and medium sizes in-stock.

Price (after tax*)

$61.60 Short Sleeve Jersey - Race Cut

$67.20 Long Sleeve Jersey - Race Cut

$78.40 Long Sleeve Thermal Jersey - Race Cut

$84 Bib Shorts

$110.88 Short Sleeve Skinsuit

$117.60 Long Sleeve Skinsuit

$106.40 Eurotherm Jacket

$72.80 Windbuster Vest

$22.40 Armwarmers Thermal

$33.60 Legwarmers

*$5 shipping per order will be added to your online cart, as well as a 2% BikeReg online order service fee.

Other questions?


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