Monday, December 3, 2012

Mical Dyck, SSCXWC champ!

Big news out of LA.

Mical Dyck, good friend and compatriot of the Stuckylife crew, keeps racking up wins this season.

After finishing 8th at the CXLA Cross After Dark race the night before, Mical brought the hustle and rode away from the ladies field at Sunday's Single Speed Cyclocross World Championships.

Along with an officially unofficial world champ title, she claimed the coveted Golden Speedo prize and the SSCXWC tattoo. The glory is forever.

It should be noted that Mical is coming off of a hard earned win at Canadian Cross Nationals. She's one of the raddest people I've ridden with, an absolute crusher on the bike and a sweetheart off of it.

Photos are courtesy of Mical's partner Regan Pringle, world champ mechanic, dirtbag, and loyal ally.

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The winning gear.
The winning... gear?

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