Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Chainline Massacre III - Results and Recap

For the third consecutive year, Victoria's spookiest cemeteries and memorials took a breather from scaring children in Hallowe'en costumes, and stood in as checkpoints for one of the fastest and darkest alleycats of the year - The Victoria Chainline Massacre.

Pre-race heckling at Broad Street Cycles.

A banger hydration combination.

The honey badger loves Hallowe'en.

Has anyone seen Parker Bloom?

The night started off in full Hallowe'en spirit, with a fisherman, Frida Kahlo, and a tipsy, helmeted bear cub lining up alongside grimy alleycat regulars to receive manifests at Broad Street Cycles.

Lying in wait for unsuspecting racers at Craigdarroch Castle.

Post-race shit talking at the Fernwood Community Center.

After 45 minutes of pacelining, stair running, and climbing some of the steepest hills in Victoria, strongman Geoff Robson came away with the victory, flying around the last turn into the Fernwood Community Center almost a minute ahead of Parker and Derek.

Gillian contemplates a smaller gear for next year's event.

Seriously. Parker? Is that you?

1. Geoff Robson
2. Parker Bloom---Fixed
3. Derek Kidd
4. Gillian Carleton---Fixed
5. Ben Brant

Best Costume: Malcolm (because Parker borrowed his from Clay)
Fastest Lady: Gillian
First Fixed: Parker
Honourable Mention: Halldor, for going where no man has gone before and descending King George Terrace on a 1950s cruiser with a coaster brake.

More Brickyard shenanigans.

As always, huge thanks to our sponsors: Brickyard Pizza, Broad Street Cycles and Phillips Brewery! These races wouldn't be nearly as fun without their generous support. Mad props as well to Clay, for putting on such a banger race for the third year running.

Photos by Brandon, Gillian, Clay, Geoff and Regan.
Words by Gillian.

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