Wednesday, December 12, 2012

2012 Cyclocross Season Wrap

What a season.

From the first hot and dusty races in early September, through the last mud-soaked weekend of November, the Stuckylife crew have been chasing 'the perfect hour' on Vancouver Island's cyclocross courses.

Phenomenal performances from good friends, team members, and close rivals have made for some hard races and great spectating.

The Cross on the Rock crew do a remarkable job in running their series. With what may be the highest attendance of any cyclocross series in Canada, we're honored to contribute to the high calibre of racing in the area.

Click through for a quick thank you and a selection of fine photographs from our own Geoff Robson.

The pursuit of a successful cross race is a fleeting thing. One poor corner, a mistimed effort or the wrong tire pressure can change the outcome in an instant. Halldor endured a a string of terrible luck early this season, but rallied in the second half and claimed 16th overall. Especially notable given the stacked Expert field, including many pros, and current and past national champions.

I was lucky to find the perfect hour a few times this series. Three wins over the Intermediate field left me with sore legs, lungs and an upgrade to Expert.

Of particular note:

-Clay crushing on a single speed. Consistently vying for the top ten in Intermediate, his 6th place series finish bodes well for contesting the series lead in 2013. On a single speed.

-One step closer to the top step, Geoff Robson had a blistering season, culminating in a 3rd place podium at Beban Park. Watch for his wheel this road season...

-Renny, Leif, Fraser and all of the first time racers that did us proud this year, and continue to push the boundaries of the Friday night rides.

-Andy Achuff's SS 'national' title. And racing both Intermediate (SS) and Masters, back-to-back. Dispensing wisdom and calm all the while.

Special mention should be made of Henley riding from Victoria to Nanaimo on his track bike. Arriving late in the afternoon just as the tent was being taken down and the last beers cracked.

The sideline spectators are a big part of any cross race. Thanks for coming out, and digging the pure sweet hell.

Shayne, reeling in the competition
Photo: Ryan Carter

Photo: Ryan Carter

Smoked cheese and pumpkin ale

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  1. My first year of cross, certainly wont be my last. This sport is amazing. Thanks for the mention.


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