Monday, July 9, 2012

Hotel Grand Pacific Harbour Sprints - Round 1 Photos & Results

Brent Larkin vs. Halldor Gunnarsson: tightest race of the night.

You have all waited so patiently for the Jon Lake's photos from the first round of the 2012 Hotel Grand Pacific Harbour Sprints.

Let's get to it, shall we?

Clay and Kaitlin  prepare the battlefield.
Our good friends at the GVVA were quick to lend a hand after we botched the assembly of this white folding bike.

Halldor Gunnarsson
The problem is that the kids just keep getting faster.

And I keep tearing my pants.

Whatcha thinkin' about, Dave?
Malcolm and Kaitlin 
Naked, under a table and covered in flames.

(This is actually the third photo on my hard drive with this caption.
First one with a bicycle, though.)
We can always count on David Brown to deliver the right message.

Speaking of which, it must have been such a treat for my folks to see me on the news without the numbers beside my photo.
Shrew absolutely killed it...
...and then ate it.
Marked cards, stacked decks, towed cars and trap shit.
Despite being an incredible artist, a skilled budgie tamer and true Badger, Crow Campbell is no match for road rash. 
At first, I felt pretty bad about leaving Parker to sort out all of the actual race-planning.
But, one look at the expressions on these fellas' faces, and I know I made the right choice...
which is something I probably wasn't doing in this picture. 
Let's be clear about sigil magic: statistically it works.
She knows what I'm talking about.
Halldor Gunnarsson
Brian Park looks way different in a hat. 
Price just went up on Boxxer bushing kits.
Steve Cullen came all of the way up from the States to race a keirin at Trackfest.
His chain snapped right-off-the-line, and that was the end of that.

Steve, you are a scary-fast rider and a wonderful ambassador for the sport.
I sincerely hope you come back soon so we can hand your ass to you  fairly next time.
Winning a race with one hand in your pocket is impressive.

What Brian pulled out was even more impressive.
Andrew Ferguson: 
Mike Elkink bounced back from his partner's pregnancy in no time.

Seriously, though.
Congratulations and best wishes to Michael, Willow and their very, very new baby!
Eric and Craig: very different approaches.
Both very fast.

What the hell would this city do without Ken Gordon?

Make it Scott.
Ken Gordon & Shrew turned crowds to fans.

Steve Cullen.
Even without D-Rock in attendance, there was a dirt jumper race.
Bernard Pic'illin' it.
(This will probably end up as a caption contest at some point)
Renny looking more bashful than usual.
He got this up to 80psi.
No foolin'.

Cam "The Juggernaut" Smith vs. Scott Thompson

Kate and Brian.
Mike Elkink.
Dave, Raph and Mark

Vincent Pungente
Craig Lunn
Dave Shishkoff

The Results:

First Place (Fixed): Andrew Ferguson
Second Place (Fixed): Halldor Gunnarsson

First Place (Geared): Mark Milburn
Second Place (Geared): Steve Cullen

In the geared category...
First place: Mark Milburn
Second place: Steve Cullen
Mark Milburn (left). Steve Cullen (right).
And in the geared category...
First place: Andrew Ferguson
Second place: Halldor Gunnarsson
Halldor also just came 2nd overall in the XC Island Cup.
This guy knows bike racing; be sure to pay him a visit at Broad Street Cycles

I am a huge fan of the Smith family.
See what I mean?

Stay tuned for a complete event report later this week - including Second Round photos from Jon Lake!


  1. Thanks again for putting this on - one of my favorite events of the year. =)


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