Monday, April 16, 2012

2012 Harbour Road Sprints vol.1 - Photos & Results

Cam Smith and Derek Brain explode out of the gate in the semifinal round. 

With an infinitely better weather forecast than 2011's first competition (torrential downpour and downhill goggles, anyone?), last Friday, April 13, saw more than 30 racers converge on Harbour Road for an exciting evening of head-to-head bike racing.

In addition to the traditional sprint competition, which featured two-rider heats, a held start, and a single stretch of uninterrupted road, several racers stepped up to try a new format. Inspired by the GP Quebec's Challenge Sprint Pro, heats of 4 riders took on an out-and-back course, attacking and vying for position while navigating a difficult 180-degree turn. 

Leif Keithley leads Adam de Vos and Dave Shishkoff around the turn. Gillian's Chrome bag makes a guest appearance. 

Dave and Adam.

Tripleshot junior David Brown was behind the lens for most of the evening.

Parker looking good, as always.


Taking advantage of Brickyard Pizza's hospitality.

Brief results:
1. Adam de Vos
2. Derek Brain

Huge thanks to Shine Cafe for providing our winners with some delicious prizes, to Brickyard Pizza for the amazing post-race food and beverages, and to David Kennedy, Colin Henley, David Brown, and Devon Greenway for being all-star volunteers. You guys rock!


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