Saturday, November 26, 2011

Red Bull Minidrome Vancouver - Recap

Well, this post is long overdue, with enough time to heal bruised egos, and skinned knees.
 But that's just how we do.

Beautiful Vancouver, BC played host to a world class fixed-friendly event this October, when the Red Bull Mini Drome set up shop for a one-day, Sunday showdown at Rocky Mountaineer Station.  

Victoria's contingent of Clay, Adele and Parker took the weekend and rode into town to throw down with Vancouver's best and brightest track, BMX, FGFS and dirtbag competitors on a 25m wooden track. The event consisted of a 10-lap time trial, followed by a series of head-to-head races replete with heckling, faux-commissaires, blonde Redbull girls and headlong crashes. 
It's all about the journey before the inevitable destination.

The ride to the ferries was wet. With double flats, and a whole lot of camaraderie, all made worthwhile by the beautiful blue skies that opened up when we rolled down the mainland's off-loading ramp. 

With only two bike racks per bus, public transit opened their own storm of shit weather and forced me to TT it across Delta to catch a shuttle through the inconveniently placed Massey Underpass. I have a little vendetta against this thing.

On the return trip I was out to take some names, so I man'd-up and rode the tunnel and highway out to the ferries in some improbably short period of time, feeling like Tony Martin's skinsuit-wrapped inner thigh.

Lots of last minute equipment changes were made the morning-of: cleaning frames, changing rings, braking chains &, you know, taking names.

Good qualifying times and nervous stomachs weren't enough to keep either of us in the running very long during the pursuit races, my own effort (and subsequent crash) ending in splinters and a feeling of relief.

Cody stealing hearts & ripping the race in two.
Our boy, Cody, easily took home the People's Choice vote, providing the only real threat to Uber-Dromer Addison Zawada's otherwise unassailable form. That is, until an echoing puncture sent our hearts to our mouths and him into the boards. Big ups for a good showing, and for two killer crash-heavy races!

Afterwards, Roller Sprints administered by the charming Linnea of Gastown Sprints, pints of beer and coolers. 
Highlight of the night was quadrupling the usual 250m all-out sprint and racing head-to-head in a boozy Kilo effort.

Thanks to Adele for keeping it cool, Jeff & Ellen for making it feel like home, to Super Champ for being just that and providing mech. support (sorry, I forgot to give back the floor pump), and to the Red Bull team for losing money on crazy ventures like this.

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