Sunday, October 2, 2011

Brandon's Cross Dresser Bike Check

Photos by Brian Park
There is something particularly rewarding about putting together a banger ride from parts found (mostly) in those soiled, brown boxes under mechanics' benches.

Re-introducing Chris Hillier's Brandon Thompson's Shamrock Cross Dresser:

Frame: Custom Shamrock Crossdresser (54cm ST/56TT)...
...courtesy of Chris Hillier via Gillian Carleton
EC90X fork courtesy of Tom Skinner.

Tits-on-top-tubes paved the way for dicks-on-drop-bars...which eventually gave-way to dicks-on-down-tubes. It all just happened so fast.
Veloce drive train courtesy of the greatest recent addition to the Island cycling scene: Oak Bay Bikes' Andy Achuff.
Artwork courtesy of the Badgers.
You're all gonna die alone.


  1. Yeah, it's pretty destroyed, but I needed something to hang my parts off of until I can afford my own.

    Beautiful frame; shame about the cracks.

  2. If you need a cross frame, I've got a 2 year old Fetish Cycles Position cross frame in white. If you can Unstick the seat post, she's yours.

  3. Fetish, eh?

    I would love to take a stab at it.


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