Monday, September 26, 2011

2011 Gentlemen's Race Recap

The perfect way to spend a Sunday.

Despite an ominous weather forecast, 12 teams braved wind and impending rain to see what the race was all about. Manifests were handed out, detailing a free-form course across the Saanich peninsula and into the Highlands:

4 checkpoints, lots of climbing, and about 85-90km with smart routing.
The two teams with fixed gear riders were expected to negotiate three of the 4 checkpoints, and complete a race of about 60km.

From the gun, teams scattered in all directions, most choosing to hit the first checkpoint, Island View Beach, via Mount Doug parkway, and down the mud of the Lochside Trail.

The climb between Michell's farm and Island View was the first real test in the race, followed shortly by the ascent to John Dean Provincial Park. Both hills sorted out the fastest teams from the bulk of the field, and nearly killed both of our gallant track bike teams.

Each team experienced several decisive moments, with routing playing a key role in maintaining high morale and a fast overall time. Midway through the race, mechanicals claimed one of the teams, while camaraderie and a sense of logic sent another on a leisurely ride home.

A wet summit finish atop Mt. Tolmie greeted racers.  Colin, Brandon and Halldor, riding brakeless track bikes were the first team back after finishing their 3 checkpoints.

A minute back, and finishing up an inspired ride, local Triathlete phenoms Kelly Guest, Simon Whitfield and Jasper Blake took the day's top spot.

Vegan Dave kindly shared his Garmin data from the race, pointing out that the race saw about 1200m in elevation, about 400m shy of riding Hurricane Ridge.

Video recap:

More gorgeous photos of this Sunday's chaos: Regan Pringle Shoots Flickr.

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  1. Awesome race Parker! You, Sir, are a gentleman and a scholar.

  2. Wonderful way to spend the morning, and Team Fenders (w/Rhonda and Chris) was a blast to ride with! (And certainly cleaner. ;)

    Thanks to you all who made it happen, looking forward to the next one!

  3. Parker, you are a gentleman! Great race, when is the next one? I have a course in mind, maybe we should talk....


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