Friday, September 9, 2011 2011 Gentlemen's Race

An end-of-season unsanctioned bicycle race across South Vancouver Island’s best & burliest roads:

Equal parts rural alley cat, team time trial and randonnee, the inaugural event tasks teams of 3 riders with linking up multiple checkpoint controls over a 100km+ route.

$5.00/ rider entry fee
10am start
9:30am registration
Gyro Park in Cadboro Bay, Victoria
Sunday, Septmeber 25th 2011

Teams of 3. All riders in a team must hit every checkpoint together. Finish as a team. If all 3 team members complete the race on single speed/ fixed, they finish in a separate category. Pre-register at, or at 9:15 day-of.

The checkpoints will remain unspecified until registration on the day of the event. 
Riders will be handed a manifest outlining the checkpoints’ locations, as well as the order they must be completed in.
Expect to rider over 100km. With hills.

There will be manned checkpoints signing teams in as they pass through.
Feed stations will be provided, with opportunity to get (free) food and water.

Road bikes are highly recommended. As is lots of water, and a stash of food. There will be some nutrition freely available at various checkpoints.

n.b. Fixed riders & mixed teams are highly encouraged. There will be a separate category for teams with 1 or more fixed riders.


  1. All that GranFondo training will go to good use! I'll have my new frame by then.

  2. Looking forward to it! Is there a tandem category? My trusty randoneering tandem has been waiting for such an event for a while. jay is dusting off the Burberry picnic kit, and the matching sixpense hats are at the cleaners.

  3. I'll be working at the bulk food store (For Good Measure) right by Gyro Park on Sunday morning. We open at 9 if anyone needs some snacks for the race.

  4. I wanna ride, but need to hook up with a team... I like long pulls at the front :)

  5. The Fixed and the Furious: Colin, Halldor and Brandon

  6. Oi - i thought i was the furious one around here? =P

  7. Fixed and Furious is going down. Freewheeling and Flatulent is going to blow you away! Andy, Dan, G-off & Malcolm - We have so much power we couldn't stop at 3.

  8. That's pretty tough talk for a guy who can't keep the head tube attached to his bike...

  9. Brandon - Looks like you have tweaked some interest from the Tri-Geek community - a number of Human Powered Racing team mates have indicated that they are interested in forming a team or two. Hope to see you at the start line on Sunday....

    David C. (aka Gillian's Dad)

  10. We are looking for a third rider for our team, if any ides or interested riders please e-mail Thanks, Rhonda

  11. It looks like there are several incomplete teams still; just show up Sunday morning and we will be sure to get everyone racing!

    This is gonna be a blast!

  12. Exquisite times were had, I daresay. Hark, what happened to James?

  13. Bummed I had to jam out at the last minute, my apologies to Dan and Andy! Really wish I could have ridden today, I'm looking forward to a recap!!

  14. It was a blast, thanks so much, Team Fenders rules! =P

  15. Parker, great job on the race, checkpoints, fixed & freewheel course, & weather! Dean Park who knew? Checkpoint volunteer - Thank you!


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