Monday, August 8, 2011

Harbour Road Sprints vol. 5

Let there be no question who is badass.
Last Friday at 7:30pm, those not previously committed to the legitimate track cycling disciplines went all-in for another hand of poker sprints.

For those of you who are new to this format, it goes something like this:

  • head-to-head sprint format
  • 300m (-ish)
  • held starts
  • winner of each heat takes a playing card
  • race as many times as you want within an hour
  • Summer Series points awarded based number of cards won (1 pt. just for racing)
  • prizes to the winner of the most cards (or in this case, the top two)
  • prizes to the winner of the best stud poker hand(s)  

Instead of letting this report get even more stale, I will stop typing and let the photos take it from here.

Two new faces.

Happy Birthday, Shawn.

The poker swarm 
1st place [left]: Alex Hui (8 cards)
2nd place [right]: Brent Larkin (7 cards)
Bridge Street podium girl [center].
I love this shit. 

Huge thanks to Jeff and the Capital City Cycles crew for the prizes and hospitality. 
Big ups to Ron and the staff of Brickyard Pizza for the pizzas and tolerance. 
Thanks to StuckyLife for the $25 cash prize and beers.
Fuck the Badgers.

See you Saturday night.

And now a brief message from the bean counters:


  1. Oi - i think you need to update the question with a space for an email address...? ;)

    Looked like a fun night, sorry to have missed it!


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