Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Alleycat Alert!

Grab your cap - it's time for some racing!

A few more details about the race on Saturday-
Meet up at the Beacon Hill at 7, race starts at 7:20 as you already know.  The race is going to be a classic courier race style, with only manifests and no maps provided.  We will, however, be posting the course map on the blog on Friday so check it out and make some plans.
You will NEED for the race A LOCK AND A BAG, and you'll need to use them. 
The race is also being very generously sponsored by our friends over at Sitka and Street Level Espresso.  These two companies have been big supporters of these races and these scene in the past, so give them some love.
Check back for more deets on Friday.

via Capital City Cycles blog

(orginal post)
Saturday, May 7th, we will be hosting the second alleycat in the Capital City Cycles Summer Race Series. Its going to be fuuuuuun!
Meet at the Beacon Hill Flagpole at 7 for briefing and cocktails. The race will leave at 7:20 SHARP. That’s 7:20. Not 7:25, SEVEN TWENTY.
Bring your party pants, cause it’s gonna be a looooooong night!
via Capital City Cycles blog