Sunday, April 10, 2011

Harbour Road Sprints vol.2 - Jon Lake Photography

Harbour Road.
This past Friday, Jon Lake, turned his camera away from the teeming throngs of screaming women who follow him around Victoria nightclubs; instead, he focused his lens upon the fastest growing event in the Capital City Cycles Summer Series - the Harbour Road Sprints.

Jon is incredibly talented behind the lens. He is in serious demand these days, and we were lucky to have him join us for an evening of bicycle racing. Be sure to check out some of his other work at

I love the story these pictures tell about the night. 

Mike (left) beat me in last year's final, so I had to bring in a ringer for payback.
After Belgium, Craig (right) makes this look like a walk in the park.

Marty vs. Andy.

I cannot wait to watch Brent and Will race again. Hard as fuck.

You don't phase Cam; you aren't even on his radar.

D-Rock in his finest light.

Robin's D.O.C?

I secretly hoped that I made the administrative process look better than this...but here we are.

A round of Ellipses.

Jenny is Specialized...
and draught legal.

D-Rock can overcome your bicycle's sprinting inefficiency with the turn of a stem bolt. 

Craig Richey: back from Belgium and off the front.

Brent and Tanya are beautiful.

Andy and Cam prepare the pain.


Andrew Ferguson. 

Cam is fast on a fixed-gear Cove MTB with 700c wheels. Really fast.

Put him on Parker's volume and he will be unstoppable.

Mike presses the "taunt" button.

Craig Richey. Fuck yeah.

The new Globe ad for 2012.

The night's champion: Derek Brain.

The irony here is that Derek is a talented professional bike-fitter.

Doppler beats supplied by recumbent scraper bikes.

Gillian. Always yes.

The thin white line.

Andrew Ferguson took 2nd place.

One gear: blue shift.

Andrew actually looks like he is hurting here...for once.

 Colin, Sean and Bill.
This is my favourite photo of the entire night:
It embodies exactly why I want to be a part of this scene.
Thank you.
Thanks again to Jon Lake! Results and report will be up tomorrow.