Sunday, August 8, 2010

2010 Dallas Road Monster Drag

Would anyone else pay good money to wactch Halldor fight a caribou?

It has been raining all bloody day. Don't get me wrong: this city needed the bath, but it is always such gamble racing on wet roads slick with a summer's worth of oil drippings.

Tegan, Rennys, Paul and Brendan 

I had every intention of just hanging out tonight and shooting some pics of the race, but by the time the rain stopped, the fog started rolling in, and the pack gathered atop the summit of Beacon Hill, I began to feel a surge of excitement. It's on.

This was a great event. I really wasn't expecting it to be for some reason, but it was. It was just long enough to string the group out; everyone was given a shot to push their own limits; no-one would be left behind.

The pack was an eclectic bunch with riders from all different ages and backgrounds. What was most remarkable about this group, however, wasn't its speed, style or cycling prowess, but the way each rider encouraged and supported the others. This is way cycling should be; this is what this shit is all about.


I want to thank each and every one you who showed up tonight. You made this what it was.
And thank you so much, Jeff, for bringing us all together, taking the time to organize these races, and donating such killer prizes. You should all go thank him too. Buy something while you're there.

Special mention must be made to the checkpoint volunteers who braved the ocean fog and onslaught of grabby hands to deliver the spoke cards. The fact that you do this for us makes us feel pretty cool.

Can't wait to see the race report over on the Capital City Cycles blog.
For now, here are a few pics to sink your teeth into.


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