Thursday, December 17, 2015

Race Recap - Vertigo Alleycat

On Tuesday night, racers gathered in cold December rain, which is much less illusory and much colder than November rain. Hardmen and Women of the local alleycat circuit to be sure. 

 Instructions were read, and understood. Totally understood. And everyone headed off on a tour of Victoria's finest parking lots, hunting for the clues that would lead to their next checkpoint. A unique format, credited to Rachel, sent racers off with different manifests, and with the mystery checkpoints everyone had to figure out their own routing or risk following someone with a different routing. 

Geoff Robson not only raced, but brought along his camera and grabbed some pretty amazing shots. Huge thanks to Geoff for the pictures. Check him out on Instagram: @R_O_B_S_O_N

 Looks warm and inviting, no? Gathering for the start
Masterminding an alleycat is serious business
 When you found whatever checkpoint you were sent to first, you had to hunt down the little pink sign completing the address on your manifest of the next checkpoint.

 See, they were out there ...

 After a flurry of ripping around parking lots and downtown Victoria, 
racers gradually gathered at the finish at Broad Street Cycles. Results were 'tabulated' and prizing was dispersed. 
Big thanks to everyone who showed up in December to race in the rain. We'll see you at the next one!

 Rachel, interrupted mid invisible string Cat's Cradle

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