Wednesday, March 5, 2014

UPDATE - SL Gentlemen's Race THIS SUNDAY

The buzz about this coming Sunday's Gentlemen's Race continues to build.

Click through the break for some quick notes and race insights.

 A few things of note.

-Daylight Saving Time comes into effect this Sunday, at 2am.

-Registration is at 5 Crease Ave (Recyclistas bike co-op.) from 9:15 onward. Race starts at 10.
Payment ($10/ racer) in cash, please. 

-The Gent's Race is designed primarily as a road race. A geared road bike with 23-25mm tires is probably the best tool for the job at hand.

-Gravel. There will be some optional gravel sections that teams may choose to ride on. Think 95% tarmac. Of course, the tarmac chosen for the '14 Gents Race is some of the most shattered and battered in our area. West coast pave.

 -Route. The checkpoints will be revealed after registration. The route you take is up to your team. Approximate distance is 115km.
A little bit of help will be provided, but riders are encouraged to get creative. A smartphone with mapping capabilities can be helpful here.

-Food. Clif Canada and Bubby's Kitchen has been kind enough to step up with sponsorship. There will be some nutrition freely available mid-route. Water, as well.

-Gear. Lots of flat tire repair supplies. And warm clothes. If the low temps and heavy rain stick around, bring many layers. Pro tip: a backup pair of gloves for mid-ride.

 -Support. There will be a car at the start and finish. You are welcome to bring a bag with clothes/ food/ drinks for after the race, and throw it in the vehicle.

-Teams. Teams of three riders. All teams are to hit each checkpoint together, and finish together. Mixed ladies'/ men's, as well as mixed single speed/ geared teams are encouraged.

Don't have a team lined up? Show up at registration, and we will slot you in with other ones & twos according to ability.

-Fixed/ SS. Teams with fixed gear or single speed riders will complete an approx. 100km course. Finishing times should be similar to the geared riders.

-Prizing. We have a sweet selection of prizing from local vendors. Categories include first ladies' team, first fixed gear team, and DFL.

Watch a video of the 2011 race play out from behind the bars of Brandon!
A special note to recognize the huge contribution of sponsorship. Several local companies step up, again and again, to make these illegitimate events seem legit. Be sure to support those business that have lent us product, snacks, nutrition and support over the years!

Broad Street Cycles
- A downtown bike shop staffed by some very handsome men. Specializing in grass roots racing, riding and beer drinking.

Bubby's Kitchen & Bubby Rose's Bakery
- Located in Cook Street Village, Bubby's is aiding riders' recovery with delicious, nutrient-packed snacks. Hit them up for your next fancy dinner, or coffee and cookie.

Cima Coppi Wool Cycling Apparel
 - In addition to maintaining one of the best PRO cycling blogs, these guys have supported our event for two years running. Killer handmade wool cycling kit made in Vancouver!

CLIF Bar Canada
- When you are on the edge of a bonk, these foil-wrapped packets of energy are an epicurean revelation. Keeping us all going in the most epic rides & races, CLIF Canada has been behind the Gent's Race since the beginning.

Wayne & Pam's Performance Bicycles
- Local bike shop staffed by crusher bike racers. In Victoria since 1985!

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