Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Stucky Road Racing 2014

The Usual Suspects.

Last season was a stand out year for the Broad Street Cycles/Stuckylife/V.I.A.C.R.A/Snow Leopard Racing race team.  Wins, losses, crashes, beers and jeers. It was anything but boring.

The Victoria Cycling League in cooperation with a number of other local clubs host the races. The VCL is self seeded so depending on how much you can or want to throw down you can pick your poison. A/B/C it's pretty self explanatory. Show up a bit early to register and it's usually $10 and YOU NEED A UCI LICENCE for all of them.

The races are group starts but there are time trials and hill climbs thrown in for fun. More info about HC and TT specific events to come.

Boom like that.

If you have been on a bunch of group rides, such as our Monday Night Rides, and want to get into racing this league is perfect for you. Cut your teeth in the C's and move up from there.  Tussle with the fast and often hilariously disorganized B's and then if that's not enough the A's will crank it up a notch and then some.

Clay is the leader of the pack.

Sam, Leif and Marty railing lines at Windsor.

Parker demonstrating "The Look."

Knee out.

But hold your horses because right in the middle of Summer is the road racing event of the year that is The Rob Cameron Cycling Series. It's a three day event with a crazy fast TT, a very lumpy road race, and then the most fun you can have on two wheels; the Bastion Square Grand Prix criterium. Speed is what you need.


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