Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The Great Escape Alleycat Photos

The first alleycat of the year had an impressive turnout; well done, racers and organizers for putting on a great event. Cold but dry conditions meant some fast winter racing was in order. Claydor Gunnarwebb won the race and a full recap is on the way but here are the photos I took from the infamous passport checkpoint that tricked more than a few people.

The Soma Crush and Owner.

Aiden on his new whip. Blue is the new fluoro.


Don't trip unless you like the cheese grater effect.

G. "Cold Hands" Carleton.

D.K. and the Gunn. Wouldn't that not make a bad ass band name? Hal is already air drumming.

Fraser on the rivet.

Ever vigilant ever watching.

Girl's night out!

Hal photo bombing a shot of the inner harbor.

Racers incoming!

$900 turtleneck.

Caitlin. Too fast for focus.

Ehmanator and Nathannihilator.

I swear this is not Curbwizard.

Local cyclist/artist/cool-dude Marty.

The only thing slowing Mical down is the small font.

Ride that bike.





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