Saturday, December 21, 2013

Semiprestige Boxing Day CX TT - Event Details

Ronde Two

Semiprestige Boxing Day CX TT
THURSDAY Dec 26th, 2013
- Coffee at 11:45, leave at 12 noon
- Group ride to TT course
- $5 entry
-Technical off-road time trial, best served cold with a CX bicycle.

For our second installment of the Stuckylife Semiprestige, we have a crafted a 2.5 km point-to-point course in the wilds of Vancouver Island. 
Expect a largely singletrack route, featuring techy rock sections, lung-searing double track, a mud bog, and power-sapping pea gravel. 

We will be leading a no-drop ride to the top-secret race course, leaving from Broad Street Cycles at 12 noon. Show up a few minutes early for coffee and bullshit.

Pack a bag with warm clothes and trail-side hydration (Rum & eggnog anyone?) as it may get chilly waiting for your start time. Lights for the ride home are probably a good idea, too.

We will register and seed riders at the trail head. The time trial will be run in two segments. Each rider will complete the segment in a consecutive order. A two minute gap will separate runs. After all racers have finished their first run, we will reverse the direction of the course and send you all back along the same course for run #2. The winner will be the rider who finishes both segments in the lowest combined time.

We hope to provide enough time between the group-ride to the trail-head and your race start for a few practice laps. In the meantime, get out this weekend and get that shit dialed!

Expect each lap to take about 10-20 min. depending on ability level. We will likely be rolling back into downtown by 4-4:30pm.

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