Friday, December 27, 2013

Semiprestige #2 CX Time Trial Recap & Results


Tissot-like timing.

Boxing day.

22 racers, only one hairline fracture!

Hit the brake [sic, bro!] for more details! 

Our "CXTT" course: 2.5km of single and double track, verdant in that  Vancouver Island way. 
The route features a pea-gravel pit complete with knuckle-shredding chainlink fence, numerous rock features, and soggy mud pits. 
Wild stuff. 

Minute intervals between rider starts, and a quick burn from point A to B. Stop, gasp, fix a flat and do it again the other way. Beers cracked, etc etc. 
The rider with the lowest combined times from A & B lap takes home the glory.

This Thursday, fun was had, blood was spilled. 
We even had a world champ swing by, toting her trail pup by backpack and shredding some single track.

In the end, Jamie "Crusher" Cameron came away with the two fastest laps, and the coveted Gold 40oz. trophy. 

Our crack team of timers and volunteers did their usual top-notch job. Thanks, as always.

Lastly, a big high-five to Geoff Robson. A huge help in the course construction phase, he selflessly forfeited his race to take some PRO photos. 
Check lots more of them here.

Instagram content can continue to be viewed using the #semiprestige hashtag. Lots of good stuff from OG alleycat'r Colin Henley and others.

Stay tuned for the final race of the Stuckylife Semiprestige Winter Cyclocross Series.
The Blubber Burn Classic V will go off like a roman candle on Saturday, Jan 26th at Hartland MTB park.
Bring fireworks and spare tubes. 


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