Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The first rule of Cross Club...

This scene rules. 

Every Wednesday night during cyclocross season, a meeting of the tribes happens. Mountain bikers line up beside hybrid-wielding commuters. Juniors and local pros, masters racers, dirt bags and fixie kids.

Victoria's cross community has been gathering for 'Underground Cross' events for close to 10 years.
These low-tech training races accommodate all ability levels, utilizing parks and fields to build one-off courses to sharpen skills and find fitness. 

Mostly unsanctioned and off the radar, this series is very much in the spirit of how we Stuckylifers like to get 

This week's course was a tight 500m burn through some local single trails. 
A quick pump track section broken up by roots and a couple of punchy ramps. Hairpin off-camber. Loose run-up. Then bam! Hit it on the single track, railing blind corners to the transition area.

Taking a leaf from track racing's Madison event, racers were divided in to teams of 2, tagging off on consecutive laps. 18 laps later, and our lungs were burning, knuckles bleeding, and the stoke was high.

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