Thursday, October 3, 2013

Lucas Brunelle goes to Africa

The Tour d'Afrique. An epic of nearly 12,000kms from Cairo to Capetown. 

Undertaken yearly by cyclists and tour staff as a race, ride, and incredible adventure, it is a hugely unique way of taking on the continent.

From the uncommonly talented duo of  Vancouver filmmaker Benny Zenga and madman Lucas Brunelle, comes this 7min. film about riding bikes in Africa.

Presented by Cinelli bikes in an effort to promo their new adventure frame, the Bootleg. The film sees Brunelle and MASH's Chas Christansen through the final leg of the tour. What follows is thrilling and beautiful, and well worth watching. 

Of particular note, our very own Adele Woodyard was also on the tour, working her second year as the assistant tour director. A little slice of Victoria bicycle culture in the wilds of Africa. I like to think that she could teach these urban cycling legends a thing or two about throwing underground races.

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