Saturday, September 28, 2013

Aldor Acres and an Interview with meat.

VANCOUVER, BC - After what could be best described as a heroic disregard for personal safety at Jeff's 30th birthday party the night before, I woke up on Jimmy Weeks' couch with my hand impregnated with hasty carbon filings and partially epoxied to the inside of my upper thigh.

Coffee poured. Bikes loaded. Doughnuts fisted. And we were off to meet Halldor and Parker in Fort Langley for the 2013 cyclocross season opener.

In between failed whippit hand-ups, I caught up with the man responsible for for this sufferfest:

Who are you, anyway?
I'm Matt Hornland. The Internet calls me meat. I organize on behalf of Vancouver Cyclocross Coalition, Vancouver SuperPrestige and other long-winded very-non-profits. I race for Mighty Cycling (Pirates Division) and, full disclosure, I work for Brodie Bicycles.

How was the race - from an organizational perspective?
The race was amazing. So much support from Mighty volunteers, the racers themselves and the spectators. And the beer-hander-uppers. The new course design, with second run-up really got rave reviews.

How was the turn out?
Ft. Langley CX may have had it's biggest year yet, with 140 racers and double the spectators of last year. And at least 3 times the Stuckylife presence.

What was the best thing that happened that day?
Pure, unadulterated suffering. 

What was the worst?
Ashley's homebrew mini-keg blowing out. 

What's on the horizon?
VCXC and the Vancouver SuperPresitge press on, with New Brighton on September 28th, followed up with Vanier CX happening the day after! More bang for your buck. 

Where can readers find out more about what's going down in cyclocrossland on the mainland?
You can check out the Vancouver Cyclocross Coalition facepalm... er... book, the Vancouver Cross Coalition website, or Cycling BC for the full calendar! 

Any shout outs?

I really have to thank Mighty for all the support, the CX organizers, Paul, Ashley, Nick and James for the constant work, Shimano, Brodie, Steve Pukesh and Norco, R&B Brewing, Clement Tires, Lazer, Yakima, On The Rivet and Viewers Like You.

Mighty meat.
Now for less talk and more photos:

Just try to "like" Parker on Facebook.
I love Linnaea

(Shameless SSCX World Champion x Broad Street Cycles plug)
Small talk with good people before the Icelandic ice-cream monster emerged.
Cyclocross is awesome.

Bounce on over to the Mighty Riders blog for full results and a Savage take on the day's action.


Photos by James Weeks and B
Words by B and meat.

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