Saturday, July 27, 2013

Windsor Park Criterium: Sunday, July 28th

Get yer Leif in Lycra fix this Sunday morning. 

The last Windsor Park crit is primed and ready to rock. 

This VCL race is a great first foray into road racing.

Local racing, donuts, coffee and great heckling guarantees a good start to your day. 

8-9:30 youth races (as part of Axel Merckx series)
9:30-10 - C race - 25 min. +5 laps
10-10:45 - B race - 40 min. +5 laps
10:45-11 kids race
11-12 A race - 55 min. +5 laps

- If you're able to volunteer for any of the races, please let Jenny Skinner know -
-Thanks to Duane Martindale for the photo, as well as his unending work in the VCL series!

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