Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Harbour Road Sprints - Results and Photos

Malcolm vs. Leif out of the gate.
(Photo: Kaitlin Faulkner)
Last Friday night, the second instalment of the 2013 Harbour Road Sprints coalesced at the spot.

Franz Obermeier vs. reigning champ, Tom Skinner.
(Photo: Kaitlin Faulkner)
Despite an unprecedented lack of preparation and promotion, we still lined up eighteen "registered" racers, plus Crow and the usual contingent of cheering hooligans.

Ganked from Regan's banger, yet overly-protective Flickr.

Parker vs. Aiden: never say die.
(Photo: Kaitlin Faulkner)

Mical Dyck vs. Parker Bloom
(Photo: Kaitlin Faulkner)

Curbwizard is totally rad on a bike. He also didn't crash today.
(Photo: Kaitlin Faulkner)

Malcolm Faulkner: explosive starts, banger shoes.
(Photo: Kaitlin Faulkner)

David "I was late because I was on the phone with Fido" Brown vs. Aiden Sullivan
(Photo: Kaitlin Faulkner)

The grilled cheese sandwich race is always a crowd pleaser.
(Photo: Kaitlin Faulkner)

I told myself I wouldn't post another photo of Derek in a manual and out of contention...
but then I discovered the "Wizard of Oz" filter, and here we are.
(Photo: Kaitlin Faulkner)

After an hour of sprinting, and some rather dubious record-keeping, the top three emerged:

1st Place: Mark Milburn
2nd: Mical Dyck
3rd: Aiden Sullivan

Big up to Brickyard Pizza for coming through, yet again, with prizes for our winners... 

Cam' on Crow.
and then continuing to tolerate our bullshit late into the night at their fine establishment.

Leif: Elegant. Aiden: Nauseous. Malcolm: Incorrigible
This is, indeed, business as usual.
Huge thanks to all the racers, to Brickyard Pizza for the prizes and after-party, Regan and Kaitlin for letting me steal their photos, and to everyone else who came out to cheer!

You guys make this a great time...every time.

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