Sunday, May 5, 2013

May 6 Phillips Beer Ride

Tomorrow is almost here again, and the forecasts are saying something about great weather.

While Parker and Halldor continue their crazy adventure into the woods from Port Alberni, we will be gettin' lined up, gettin' going then gettin' loose at tomorrow's Phillips Beer ride.

Renny will have highlights from the first three days of the Giro followed by the classic Stars and Watercarriers up on the big screen while you enjoy the cheapest Phillips Beer prices in the city.

Since the sun is going down a little later now, we can push back our departure time from Broad Street Cycles a little bit to accommodate our friends from behind the Tweed Curtain.

Meet at Broad Street Cycles at 6pm. 
Ride leaves at 6:27pm.
Beers start flowing at the Victoria Event around 8:30pm (or whenever the first group returns).

*If you haven't paid your club fees or your race license, you may do so tomorrow before the ride.
(You have two more weeks until we start breaking legs.)

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