Monday, March 18, 2013

Robson's 'Rello Record

Some more beautiful images from our good friend, and Stuckylife/ Broad Street Cycles race team member Geoff "Freight Train" Robson.

This time around, an in-depth look at his rebuild of a classic Pinarello Record frame.

The Internet's best source for saliva-inducing images of vintage, exotic and hand built bicycles, Cycle EXIF, just ran a post on Robson's restoration.
Click through  to see his photographs featured on one of the best forums for classy bike builds.


In keeping with the immaculate build are Robson's excellent photographs. 
As always, his work with light & glass impress.

What makes this project even more exciting is that fact that he's ridden this bike through hell and back over the past 2 years. New white tape, shiny Campy parts, and it's ready to crush again.

More photographs available on his FLICKR.

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