Sunday, March 24, 2013

Monster Track 14

So, I went to Monster Track 14 this year in New York. The race was started by New York messengers and the only bikes permitted to enter are brakeless track bikes.

Monster Track is by far the craziest alley cat I have ever raced in. 

First up, traffic is insane. From clogged up streets as you're hustlin in and out of cars to hammering down an avenue and finding yourself in a sea of yellow cabs.

Next, there are people EVERYWHERE - moving, yelling, jay-walking. It didn’t help that there was a St. Patrick ’s Day parade that day so there were a ton of drunk New Yorkers roaming around.

Finally, what blew me away the most was the number of other racers. At some points I'd be in a pack of 30 or more riders hammering down a street. Mind blowing.

Overall, the final count was 171 registered riders. Coming from Vancouver where our races struggle to bring out 20 people, this was an incredible sight. There were four manifests in total; the top forty riders were given the third manifest and of that, the top ten riders were given the fourth and final  manifest.

As for my results, I did not qualify for the third manifest, but I was soaking wet and felt like I'd been hit by a ton of bricks, so, I was okay with that.

I came to race Monster Track and am thankful I had the opportunity to do so. Can't wait for next year!

Hiding inside. The snow was pretty much like this for most of the race

About a half hour before the start

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