Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Happy Holidays, y'all!

Things got pretty wild on Christmas Day at HQ...

I hope you are all enjoying a frank and productive holiday. As you can see from the photo above, G and I were livin' la vida loca last night at the Herald St. Office while most of the team was out logging some serious Festive 500 miles.

The Rapha Festive 500

Since it's almost two-thirds of the way through Boxing Day, I would expect the likes of Clay, Parker, Halldor, G-off, Dan, Andy and Renny to be at least two-thirds the way through their 500km by now. I understand that several of these maniacs got the ball rolling at exactly midnight on the 25th, so I'm sure it was a Merry Christmas, indeed.

You can follow the progress of these and other goofy bastards on Strava here

Speaking of non-traditional approaches to riding 500km in a week, I heard something about Derek trying to do it entirely on his BMX. Gillian, on the other hand, is attempting to go the distance entirely on the track during this week's Superior Glass Four Day Race at the Burnaby Velodrome.

Superior Glass Four Day

While we're on the topic, be sure to join us at the Burnaby Velodrome this week for the Superior Glass Four Day. Each night between Dec. 27-30 will feature some serious indoor track cycling action from 6:30pm - 10:30pm.

Highlights will include:

  • Gillian Carleton, Steph Roorda and Laura Brown racing team pursuit against Tyler Farrar
  • Scott Mulder challenging the world
  • Madisons (i.e. the one where they sling each other)
  • Beer garden
  • Jeff Mitchell in the beer garden
  • Jeff Mitchell in the press area after the beer garden
  • Videos of Jeff Mitchell in the beer garden and the press area after the beer garden.
I will be heading over to Vancouver tomorrow morning with Gillian. We will be there all week, so be sure to hit us up if you're in the area.

Tix $5 at the door.

What's new and exciting for 2013?

Before the year is out, we will be dragging the ol' net through the draft & photo archives to see what posts slipped through the cracks.

Next year has some exciting changes in-store for Stuckylife/VIACRA. Without giving away too much, these include:

  • The addition of Renny McClure and Colin Henley to the Vancouver Island Alleycat Racing board of directors
  • The announcement of the 2013 SL-VIACRA road team
  • New club (and race) kit
  • Alleycat race and Harbour Road Sprint schedules
  • April opening of the Stuckylife Bureau in Limoux, France
  • A much-needed website overhaul - which will look something like the screenshot below:

Spy shots of the 2013 website

That's all for now. Stay tuned for updates from Burnaby starting tomorrow!

*Edit: Made some changes to the Instagram page on the top nav bar. Better or worse? Comment below.

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