Saturday, December 29, 2012

COTR Limited Edition Calendar

Photo lifted from Patrick Burnham's Flickr
I can think of no one better than Halldór to herald the arrival of January: he is coming for you and there is nothing you can do about it.

On that note, here's a message from Normon Thibault:

I hope everyone has been enjoying watching the cross world cups on the www and got a new set of tubulars from santa.

We all know 2013 is coming.  You will want to know how many days in the week, month, year....and which days are Monday, Tuesday etc.

ESPECIALLY come the fall and when the new 2013 COTR schedule is will need those days off and clear of all responsibilities as well as which days you can get out on your cross bike to HAMMER some intervals!

To accomplish this you will need more than a calendar application on your I need a full on full colour kick butt COTR limited edition calendar.

Well, Patrick Burnham has one for you. Fire him a note at:

Dig around in your change drawer and pull of out a combination of loonies and toonies until you have $30.  Fire it to him.  He will hook you up.  Any extra $ he has after paying for this full colour glossy beauty he will give towards sending a junior across the Salish Sea to Nationals next fall.

Check out the photos that are in the calendar here.

They're in the order they'll be in the calendar as well.

If you are REALLY opposed to having your photo in this calendar (if you are one of the luck hero's photographed by Patrick), please let him know ASAP.

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