Sunday, September 23, 2012

Official Results of the Cross Check GP

Clay Webb sipping the spoils of war. Halldorfoto

1. Clay Webb
2. Halldór Örn Gunnarsson
3. Tanya, Brent and Jennifer Skinner
4. John Johnson
5. Leif Keithley
6. Rennys McClure
7. G-off Robson
8. Andy Achuff, Dave Shishkoff, Jonathan Taylor, Kiwi James
9. Brent Hooper, Dave Johnstone
10. Peter Wellsman
11. Cam Smith
12. Jamie Cameron, Scott Mitchell
13. Danielle Stevens, Sylvia Storry, Jenn R-D, Chrystina Jones
14. Claire Clarke, Tubbs McGee (with a late start)

Big thanks to Alex, Brad, Colin, Gillian, Malcom and Sarah for working the checkpoints!

via Tom Skinner

(Few more photos from Gillian after the jump)

Brent and Dave solving mysteries.

Pro City takes the Pacific.

Geoff "Freight train" Robson. Photos by Gillian.

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