Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Thomas Pickett and I spent the weekend on Highway 99 between Vancouver and Lillooet. Gear was sent up with friends to a campsite at Seton Lake.

The plan was to ride up on Saturday, ride 120km to Whistler by noon, eat lunch, 45km to Pemberton for like... 2:30, then the 100km pass to Lillooet in the late afternoon.
The plan was that it would not rain.
The plan was to get to the campsite at 5 or 6.

We rode race bikes, no fenders.
Through downtown the rain was bouncing up off the pavement.

[Editor's note: Lillooet is the red "A" pin at the top of the map.]

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  1. I found this little gem hidden in the "Drafts" folder from earlier this summer.

    Fuck editing. This is poetry.


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