Wednesday, August 1, 2012 - CDN Women's Team Pursuit Update

Gillian Carleton © Heinz Ruckemann
Laura Robinson from Pedal Mag caught up with the Canadian Women's Team Pursuit squad in London.

Not to play favourites or anything, but here is a random excerpt from the article:
Gillian Carleton, like Glaesser is a young, talented athlete with a few more Olympics beyond London in her future. She showed early talent by winning the Canada Games as a teen-ager, but decided to pursue studies at U of Victoria in biology instead after getting “burned out” while only a teen-ager. Cycling still pulled though and it was her involvement in alleycat and fixed wheel non-sanctioned racing in the streets of Victoria that brought her back to the sport.
 “Last year a group of friends and I got involved in fixing up the Victoria velodrome. It had been closed for a long time and we got it opened,” she said of the 1994 Commonwealth Games Velodrome that was supposed to become a legacy for cycling and instead fell into disrepair when local municipalities did not maintain it. “Messenger and fixed gear community started coming out in 2011 and that’s when I started riding the track.”
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