Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Rollersprints - Photos and Results

 Not only did Jon Lake demonstrate that he is a monster on the rollers, but he came through with yet another killer photo set from the VICF x Rifflandia Kickoff party at Phillips Brewery.

Peter Argast. 250m in 11.3s.
For handing all of our asses to us, Peter wins a killer set up courtesy of Chrome, Shine Cafe and Brickyard Pizza. He also gets thrown into the Hotel Grand Pacific Harbour Sprints. Well done, Peter!

Russ Campbell vs. Halldor Gunnarsson:
This was an incredible moment in sports entertainment.
You know that feeling you get when the grizzly bear you have been feeding from your car decides to climb on your hood?  
This was the longest I have ridden a bike for in months.
Halldor and Linnaea sorting out the finer points of aero-positioning.
Vincent vs. Brian
Shirtless and often.
Jay Million:
Scott Milnthorp managed to keep his handlebars in one piece this time.
She was totally doping.

Dan (left) had ridden something like 290km before showing up.
 The only sporting thing for Malcolm (right) to do was tear his legs of with a 12.1.
Gonna miss you, Dan.
Devon (left) mangled his shoulder pretty seriously prior to this event,
so we made Vincent put his shirt back on .

Moments before Ben-Ben broke that guy's legs.
Leif and Shayne hold it down. 

Shrew has sex with everyone.

You should see these two on Chat Roulette.
-"I can't believe what some guy just did in that bathroom..."
"You wouldn't believe what I just did in that bathroom."-
-"I can't believe what you just did in that bathroom!" 
More of Jon Lake's crowd-pleasing trick photography.

Also music.

Shout outs to Linnaea and the Gastown Sprints crew, The Graves' Crow Campell, Team Stuckylife and the Broad Street boys, Shrew, Ashley Evans, Leif Baradoy, Rob Fawcett and the whole VICF program, Matt Lockhart and the entire Phillips Brewery staff, Jon Lake, James Weeks, Sarah Thomas, The Badgers... and anyone who stepped up for the first time to race the menacing tight-jeaned monsters of the Vancouver Island Alleycat Racing Association.

Huge thanks to our sponsors, The Hotel Grand Pacific, Shine Cafe, Brickyard Pizza, Broad Street Cycles and Street Level Espresso for paving the way in gold.

Check out the rest of the album later tonight on the Stuckylife Facebook page.

If you haven't seen it already, hit up Porky's Review. It's good stuff.

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