Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Viking Kat II - Race Report

The 2012 underground urban race scene on Vancouver Island kicked off this past Saturday night with the return of the VIKING KAT.

Halldor's homage to the Norse gods was an hour and a half of full-tilt racing through Esquimalt's darkest corners made possible by a small slew of racers and some dedicated volunteers. 

Click through for brief observations, and hilarious images form the night.

A preamble of beer and socializing at the newly renamed Broad St. Bikes brought together nervous racers and checkpointers for an hour or so while those organizing the event fuelled up and sent volunteers in roughly the right direction.

Racer sign-in saw an always diverse group of riders, with a cross section of brakeless track bikes, carbon fiber, and beat 10spds. All welcome, always.

The accumulated age here is outstripped only by the level of class.
Around here, we eat bullshit & trolls for dinner.

Race time. 
Minutes before the gun, manifests & maps circulated. Tensions mounted.

The historic reading of an Icelandic poem by Halldor kicked off the race, with Renny first out of downtown, leading the charge across the blue bridge.  

Checking in with Capt. Checkpoint.
The scenic outlook at Victoria View Road.
Checkpoint no. 6: Arm St. Park

Blazing in to first place, Clay Webb took his first of what will surely be many wins this season. 
Shortly down the road, Derek Kidd pulled it all out at the last minute for a second placing. 
And in third, the undisputed king of navigating the wrong side of the tracks, Renny McClure.

A word of warning, Victoria: Renny will be racing for first place next time. 

The rest of the field trickled in to the Tudor House parking lot, grinning, frustrated, lost and optimistic. 

Chainring bolts: A suggestion, really.
Race stories were recounted, tactics and wrong turns relived over beers later that night.

Thanks to all the volunteers that stuck around in the cold, to the racers that give it their all, and the friendly bar staff putting up with our antics.

The halls of Valhalla. 

Spoils of war.

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