Monday, April 2, 2012

Viking Kat II - Photos

Pointy hats and laminated cards featuring a feline Techno Viking.
Another race for things that never were. That and glory.

Shayne, Vincent, Cam, Parker, Clay & Marlon
(Not pictured:   Tegan - Viking Kat I winner)
The Coronation of this year's Viking...uh...Cat? Big ups to Clay for a great race.

And so began his glorious reign.

It soon became obvious, however, that his foreign policy was poorly conceived. Cam wasted no time pointing this out. 

Halldor and Shayne.
 As a rugged Mackenzie man, Shayne knew better than to allow himself be dragged in to political debate.

 This is for Crow. We can add it to the ever-growing pile of photos of people taking photos of shit.

Jay and Caitlin

"Uncle" Jay kept trying to get me to "hop on up [on his lap]" so he could "tell me a story."
Thankfully, "Auntie" Caitlin put a stop to that.

Leif,  Bill and Halldor.
Bill rolled in almost two hours after we had abandoned the last checkpoint. He absolutely refused to miss one. Bill is a total badass. Mad respect!

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