Monday, April 30, 2012

Dallas Road Monster Drag - Photos & Results

It was a beautiful night for a bike race.

Last Saturday, a group of Victoria's finest roadies, messengers, bike shop employees, national team XC racers, and all-around dirtbags took to Dallas Road for the fastest and most leg-burning and gut-wrenching alleycat of the summer: the Dallas Road Monster Drag.

1. Marty Machacek
2. Halldor Gunnarsson
3. Dave Shishkoff

Full results here.

Leif, cooked and in fifth place, after pulling the field to Beacon Hill.
We were glad to see Andrew racing. Always fast. Always ready with a first aid kit,  trail mix or  potable water.
Classy bunch.
Dave Hilhorst, planning next year's victory.

Mr. Podium, Marty Machacek on the left. Bruised and bleeding Parker on the right. Both having a great time.

Mical and Regan = Power couple.

Gillian is super excited to be RIDING BIKES! WITH FRIENDS! 
As always, we'd like to extend a huge thank you to our amazing sponsors and volunteers: Liquor Express and Habit Coffee for donating some delicious prizes, Scott and Dave for handing out spoke cards, Jay and Caitlin for driving bags and beers from the start area to the finish, and Brandon for recording results and taking some banger photos.

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